Author: David Przybyla

Trade Show Event Ideas

Trade Show Event Ideas: 10 Ways to Stand Out, Be Heard, And Win Trade Show Event Ideas: 10 Ways to Stand Out, Be Heard, And Win     Trade show events can be a huge leap for a company, but many fail to meet the mark. Here are ten ways to stand out amongst the […]

Utah Trade Show Booths and tips for trade shows

Utah Trade Show Booths: Tips for Successful Trade Shows   Utah Trade Show Booths can be incredibly helpful for businesses that need to get the word out to the public about their products and services, especially in the Salt Lake City and Park City area. Top Tips for Successful Trade Shows One of the best […]

Hiring a Trade Show Service

What To Consider When Hiring Trade Show Services What is the best time to hire trade show services? RJM Events offers custom trade show booths for conferences and trade shows. The company is your one-stop shop for picking the best booth layouts, merchandise for your event, service, and complementary professional photography. Types of Trade Show […]

Trade Show Exhibit Rentals: How To Rent The Right Exhibits For Your Event

Trade Show Exhibit Rentals: How To Rent The Right Exhibits For Your Event Knowing the right type of exhibit to rent for your trade show can be tough. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing. The Location of Your Tradeshow This is obvious, but one of the first things to consider is where the event is being held. A […]

The Ultimate Guide to Trade Show Booths

Blog 101 – Trade Show Example The Ultimate Guide to Trade Show Booths: Everything You Need To Know   Trade Show Booths are a hidden gem in the business world. Here is everything you need to know about trade show booths and why your company needs one. What are trade show booth displays?   Trade […]

Utah Trade Show Booths: Get The Ultimate Booth For Your Next Event

Creating a unique trade show both is very important for standing out amongst competitors What are the different types of booths How should you position your booth? How do you identify your target audience at the event and where should they sit at the event? These are the most common questions that are asked, it all comes down to how to present […]

How Much does it cost to Rent a Trade Show Booth

How much does it cost to rent a trade show booth? (Updated for 2021) The cost of renting a trade show booth depends on the size of your exhibit space. A table-top display, for example, will be significantly less expensive than a 20×20 display. Most trade show rental companies will charge by square foot. Standard […]