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Utah Trade Show Booths and tips for trade shows

Utah Trade Show Booths: Tips for Successful Trade Shows


Utah Trade Show Booths can be incredibly helpful for businesses that need to get the word out to the public about their products and services, especially in the Salt Lake City and Park City area.

Top Tips for Successful Trade Shows

One of the best ways to do this is by setting up booths at a business event or business expo. According to studies, about 70% of consumers go to an event to learn about a product or service they may need. To get the attention of potential customers, display booth rental companies often use signs to attract attention. For this article, we’ve collected five of the best signs you can use to attract the attention of customers at trade shows. These five signs will work equally well at a craft show, expo or business event. 1. Decorative Mason Jars These mason jars are perfect for attracting people looking for things to buy. Since they’re decorative, people will be curious enough to want to buy the items you’re offering. Pro Tip: Use the decal stand.

The Importance of Stand Design at an Exhibit


At any given time, there are millions of consumers looking to buy products from businesses all over the world. Even if these people are interested in your company, it still takes some kind of creativity to pique their interest. Without a solid marketing strategy in place, it is very hard to attract business. A huge aspect of successful marketing campaigns is using the right platforms to promote your brand. A booth design will allow your company to reach the right audience, as well as promote itself in the most effective way possible. The setup of a trade show booth involves many people. You will need people from your business to man the booth on the ground and those at the top of the company to manage the accounts.



What to Include in Your Booth

The key to creating a successful trade show booth for attendees is the promotional material you provide to visitors at the convention center. And there are a number of important components to consider when creating a marketing campaign at a trade show. These include your display sign, which should clearly and accurately communicate the key elements of your company’s story, and signage throughout the building, which should clearly identify your booth number and explain the purpose of your booth. You may want to ask for a booth number where you plan to have your booth. A typical marketing campaign for a company will include a sign for each of its marketing campaigns. It is important that your booths have the information on them to facilitate this strategy.

Get the Word Out

Utah has a huge and highly specialized market. Many well-known companies have their home base in Utah and advertise heavily for that reason. They also advertise because Utah has a large amount of people who drive great distances. Utah conventions can also help businesses find customers, or at least someone who knows someone who is looking for what you offer. Attract Investors Speaking of investors, Utah has a thriving tech industry. Tech-related conventions can help companies find investors to help them grow and improve their offerings. For companies that don’t already have investors, these conventions can make it seem like they have the potential to grow into a startup company. More Offers An average of seven trade shows are being held in Utah each month.



Whether you’re interested in attending any Utah trade shows in the near future, or are planning one for this year, you’ll have to work hard and put in a lot of effort. Fortunately, you have many options for getting your marketing plan to come to life. A custom exhibit will create a lasting impression on visitors, retailers, and can greatly enhance the marketing team’s small business efforts in any industry.

RJM Design Promise


RJM Design is your partner for a complete trade show campaign experience. Unlike larger firms that only provide boxed services, RJM is your partner for the entire trade show journey. We want your trade show experience to be great and that starts with the right trade show campaign, design and messaging and goes until you get home with a database full of leads. When we say we will be there for you, that’s not figurative, that means we will BE THERE at your show.