Custom Trade Show Displays

Creating a unique trade show both is very important for standing out amongst competitors

Basic Design Rules for Custom Trade Show Displays

Putting your brand on display through trade shows and events magnifies the attention you will receive along with the possibility of scrutiny as well. While many marketers worry about attracting enough attention to generate the leads they need, the visual image you present will get noticed. Here are 3 design rules to keep in mind while designing a trade show display. 


Provide enough visual impact to capture the eye, then present the most important facts for the immediate audience and, finally, provide a clear path for more information.


Generally, businesses are more successful when they limit the active presentation to three specific areas. 1) What's new 2) What's popular 3) What you need to sell ASAP


Repetition is the best teacher. If an item or product in your booth can be seen by the public, make sure your logo is on it.

If you’re looking to make an impact, generate leads, and become a brand powerhouse, creating a custom design will do just that. Whether your company has an expo located in Las Vegas, Nevada or Salt Lake City, Utah, custom booths will benefit you wherever your next trade show is. Below are just a few benefits from custom trade show displays.

Benefits of Having Custom Trade Show Displays

Unforgettable First Impression

When your job is to attract leads, you should never leave the first impression with attendees to chance, especially when trade show booth design is an aspect you can control. You should do everything you can to make your exhibit stand out, wow, and impress the crowd. Those good first impressions will lead to a connection or a sale, while bad ones could give you a negative connotation. At a trade show, you won’t get a second chance at an unforgettable first impression.

Increase Visitor Engagement

Custom trade show displays are made to draw visitors in from all angles. Whatever your goals are, displaying products in a way that is the most visually appealing will help you pique the interest of anyone who sees your booth. The design you choose can also affect the experiences you provide. A greater experience will lead to greater engagement.

Make Your Brand More Personable

Custom trade show displays will visually define your brand. A display that is branded from the inside out will make sure attendees recognize what your brand voice is and how to connect with you. This way, your brand will take on a persona that is more approachable.

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