Trade Show Guide

Hiring a Trade Show Service

What To Consider When Hiring Trade Show Services

What is the best time to hire trade show services?

RJM Events offers custom trade show booths for conferences and trade shows. The company is your one-stop shop for picking the best booth layouts, merchandise for your event, service, and complementary professional photography. Types of Trade Show Service offered by RJM Events include: Exhibit design RJM Events provides custom booth designs and artwork for conferences, trade shows, exhibit booth, security, transportation, storage, installation, equipment, and expos. Logo design RJM Events specializes in trade show logos and logo creation. Our customer service team can design logos for any exhibition, not just for events that are specifically for trade. 3D mockups As with logo design, RJM Events offers 3D mockups for conferences and trade shows.

Should I hire an outside firm or a company in-house?


I’ve worked with three different outsourced trade show services over the years and at the end of the day, it comes down to the individual on your team making that call. I’ve seen and worked with organizations that’ve found their footing and have thrived with in-house team, while other organizations have worked in both categories. In my opinion, in-house trade show service is the most reliable option in the long run. Every industry is unique in the way that it operates. In our industry, events like seminars and focus groups are very dependent on teamwork and this aspect requires a working environment. In-house team not only function as part of a cohesive team, they also have the opportunity to brainstorm, strategize and grow in the knowledge area

How much does it cost to hire trade show services?

One of the most important questions to ask is: How much will the cost of the service add up to? As an example, you might have an idea for a small trade show booth and you’d like to run it at a boutique hotel. From this information, it’s easy to estimate the cost of the booth as: Cost of the booth Purchase of materials Cost of staffing the booth This makes an easy dollar-per-dollar calculation. You could get a sense for how much is the booth will cost and then use that number to determine if you can justify hiring the trade show services. Your guess might be as good as anyone else’s – how can you know how much the event management company will charge you? There is one way to determine how much it will cost you. You also need consider installation, marketing, graphics, booth design, storage, future planning, and organization to have a successful event.

What are other things I need to know when hiring trade show services?

Your in-house talent is a huge asset, and because it’s their job to assist you, it’s important that they understand how trade shows can fit into your overall business strategy. No matter what industry you’re in, there are likely a few key areas of your business that can benefit from the expertise of an event planner. Are you an outbound or inbound marketer? Do you have an international audience that you’re trying to engage with? Do you have a specific industry or industry segment that you want to target? What are your “show” requirements? For example, if you’re a lawyer, you probably want to attract the kind of clients who are unfamiliar with the legal system and need to be educated. How many people are you expecting to see at the event?


These three tips will help you to make the right decisions when you need to hire trade show services. Always remember that a good trade show company will offer you with a great solution to your problems and a great experience at your booth space. There is a great deal of information that you can use to understand what services to look for and what services to avoid.

RJM Design Promise

RJM Design is your partner for a complete trade show campaign experience. Unlike larger firms that only provide boxed services, RJM is your partner for the entire trade show journey. We want your trade show experience to be great and that starts with the right trade show campaign, design and messaging and goes until you get home with a database full of leads. When we say we will be there for you, that’s not figurative, that means we will BE THERE at your show.