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How Much does it cost to Rent a Trade Show Booth

How much does it cost to rent a trade show booth? (Updated for 2021)

The cost of renting a trade show booth depends on the size of your exhibit space. A table-top display, for example, will be significantly less expensive than a 20×20 display. Most trade show rental companies will charge by square foot. Standard rates can vary greatly based on the level of customization needed. Rates for renting a trade show booth can start at $35 per linear foot and up to $1000 per linear foot (again if high levels of customization are needed).

Is it better to rent a trade show booth or buy one?

Conventional thinking would argue that buying is better than renting; however, that may not always be true in trade shows. Customized booths and trade show rentals didn’t become an option for companies until the turn of the century. Before, companies only had the option to buy a complete trade show booth. The question, “is it better to rent a trade show booth or buy a trade show booth” depends a lot on your circumstances. I recommend you read further to review the pros and cons.

Do I have to rent a trade show booth from a local company?

When renting a trade show booth first become an option, companies would find someone local to provide the exhibit booth because there was a lot of personal engagement needed to ensure the project was complete. With the advancement of online communication and project management tools, many of the barriers limiting rental companies have gone away. There is still an element of personal touch and assurances that help by going with someone local. Your biggest concern probably happens when you are in a tight time window. trade show rentals If the outsourcing of printing/design of your preferred trade show rental company is offshore, you might not complete your project on time. While our business is in Utah and we can provide Utah trade show rentals and Utah trade show exhibits all over the greater US.

Do I have to rent the entire exhibit booth, or can I rent parts of a trade show display?

While some companies specialize in trade show booth rentals only, just about anything you can imagine can be rented from a full-service trade show design company. From couches to TVs, lights and more, it can all be rented from RJM Design. You may only need a specialized pop-up display, display case, sign holder, TV stand, podium, or furniture. You name it we can supply it. 

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What if I already have a booth but want to update it with new branding or products?

Sometimes you don’t need to rent a trade show booth but can repurpose an older booth. Some standard exhibit booths don’t go out of style, and you only need to update the graphics. Make sure to ask about an upgrade, as the cost will be greatly reduced if you can use existing equipment.

What customizations can I make when renting a trade show booth?

A standard booth design (10 x 10) is most requested for rentals; however, one of the benefits of rentals is customizable modularity. That means you’re only limited by your imagination. Often an organization will select a rental booth because they want to customize their design or really stand out from their original designs.

What do I get to keep after renting a trade show booth?

You keep all your graphics and all your awesome trade show leads.

What (different) things do I need to worry about when renting a trade show booth vs buying a trade show booth?

Experience has taught us that stress drops because there is less to worry about on your end when renting. Often one the biggest stresses is timing. A lot of organizations find out they need a booth to rent near or at the last minute. Renting a trade show booth last minute does limit a little on design and setup. If you plan on renting a booth, the more time you can prepare and customize it the better.


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When I rent a trade show booth, what do I get (services) in addition to the booth?

One of the biggest perks of renting a trade show booth is the equipment (hardware) is not yours to worry about. Your partner company will worry about making sure your booth is on time, and set up correctly. They want to protect their investment, so they will save you the trouble of shipping and handling the setup and take-down of the booth—allowing you to focus on what matters!

The considerations of renting a trade show booth.

 Renting a Trade Show Booth
Few tradeshows / year < 3Financially better option
Many tradeshows / year > 20If you are at multiple shows at once, renting becomes the only option.
Growth phase of companyIf you are likely to rebrand (as most small companies do) renting will save you money.
Storage / Capital CostsNo storage, fixing or liability cost
Flexibility of Design SpaceIf you go to shows with different design parameters, you can change with the requirements.
Flexibility of MessagingRenting allows for different messaging to change without the high cost of new booths every time.

RJM Design Promise

RJM Design is your partner for a complete trade show campaign experience. Unlike larger firms that only provide boxed services, RJM is your partner for the entire trade show journey. We want your trade show experience to be great and that starts with the right trade show campaign, design and messaging and goes until you get home with a database full of leads. When we say we will be there for you, that’s not figurative, that means we will BE THERE at your show.